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What happened to Andrae?
20 May 2005 @ 04:39 pm
Brush/Texture/Patterns/Gradients Resources

inxsomniax for brushes, textures and patterns
teh_indy for brushes
noctuidae for brushes
_lucky27 for brushes
my_wonderful for brushes
dearest for textures and brushes
awmp for light textures
spectralicons for brushes
77words for brushes
artistjosie for brushes
cabooseys for brushes
domeofstars for brushes
glass_prism for brushes
fadeastride for brushes
poshpixel for brushes
sheld0n for brushes
pixar_eve for brushes
eluminat for brushes
asya_17 for brushes
Angry Blue for brushes

Pictures/Screencaps Resources
Ultimate KC
Kelly Source
Kelly Clarkson Express
Will Young Offical Site

Other Resources
openarms (myself) for Kelly Clarkson music video mood theme. (Check out my memories for the link to the mood theme)
nastey for POTO moodtheme
halffling for the Opal template.
amyshaped for part of the inspiration for the User Profile box
faceon for the Flexible Squares template.
What happened to Andrae?
25 December 2003 @ 03:25 pm

Did you really think I would make this journal public?! Anyway, comment and let me know who you are and make sure you add me to your Friends. I really hate doing that part myself so do me a favour ;) Credit to fantabulany for this great banner!